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An employee is a sure-fire investment!

In 2008 every Polish zloty invested in an employee in Poland brought around 1,71 PLN of benefit, according to Saratoga HC Benchmarking research run by PricewaterhouseCoopers. In Europe and US the average rate of return of human capital investment was 1,2 PLN and 1,53PLN (, 12.2009).

According to Middlesex University's Institute of Work Based Learning, half of the employees (51%) indicated that due to participation in the training they became more valuable workers, and 44% of them declared that the motivation for improving their skills was willingness to improve effectiveness on current working position.

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Greater Efficiency

Our trainings bring measurable results in the increase of your employee's efficiency.

Positive image

Well-schooled employees build the image of a professional company.

Employee satisfaction

By investing in your employees' development, you increase their engagement in the work.

Higher qualifications

The employees become able to execute more and more challenging orders.


Those who care about the company and its tasks

Careful examination of your company's needs allows you to adjust the training programme and teach employees practical skills.

Those who care about time

We will adjust training programmes to the time limits defined by the client.

Those who care about the costs

Attractive financial conditions make training for 4 people more profitable.

Those who care about quality

PHR is a team of experts whose knowledge and business experience is a key to effective training.

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